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34 years of keeping vulnerable individuals and communities safe!

Our Mission
To provide peaceful solutions to safeguard neighborhoods, schools and cyberspace from bullying, gangs, and violence. To empower individuals, especially our youth, to lead safe, positive, and contributing lives. Read more

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    A portion of the proceeds go to support our Safety Patrols, Role Model Zone and CyberAngels programs, and even more importantly, every time you wear one of these items, you become a visible advocate for safety in communities, schools and online.
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    Our Response to Hurricane Sandy

  • Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

    The Guardian Angels are there for the communities scarred by Hurricane Sandy. In The Rockaways and Old Howard Beach in Queens, Manhattan's Lower East Side, Staten Island's Midland Beach, Coney Island in Brooklyn, as well as in New Jersey's Atlantic City, Our volunteer patrols have stood guard stopping looting and victimization on storm darkened streets. We have brought safety to gas lines and order to resource distribution sites. We have been up and down public housing towers looking in on and protecting senior citizens. Click donate to help us in our work.