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Our Mission

Our  organization accepts volunteers who do not have a recent or serious criminal record and are not members of a gang or racial-hate group. In order to join the Safety Patrol program, members must be at least 16 years old. Members are paired up and follow the directions of a Patrol Leader. If their own or other citizens’ lives or health are endangered, they do what is lawful and necessary to help 

The philosophy of empowering the people through the collective act of daring to care has defined the Guardian Angels organization for over 37 years.  Volunteers are trained in self- defense, basic martial arts, CPR, law, communication and conflict resolution.   They protect the most vulnerable residents and respond to criminality within the confines of the law all without aid of weapons. When the victimization of ordinary people infiltrates the daily lives of citizens to a greater extent than even cops or politicians can adequately handle, the Guardian Angels stand ready to assist.

The Guardian Angels is composed of volunteers who conduct safety patrols, aimed at protecting at risk citizens from crime in some of the toughest neighborhoods throughout America. Whether its helping seniors get home safe, stopping an assault, or cleaning drug paraphernalia from streets and parks, the Guardian Angels are here to help.


Since its founding by Curtis Sliwa in 1979, the Guardian Angels have inspired hundreds of people of all backgrounds to step up and make a difference in their communities.  In the 1970s when crime was on the rise in New York City and police budgets were cut, Curtis Sliwa formed the safety patrol named the "Magnificent 13" with thirteen kids who Curtis managed at a McDonald's in the Bronx. With the philosophy of "We Not I" guiding the Guardian Angels, our organization has helped thousands make their communities cleaner and safer for all.  

Our Vision

As promoters of safety and empowerment, The Guardian Angels continue to teach communities to take control and responsibility of both their environment and their lives. Now the “GA” Community is global as they reach citizens around the world. The Guardian Angels work toward the day when their Street Patrols are no longer needed. A day when all citizens are directly involved in their communities, coming together to solve the larger societal issues that lead to crime in the first place.

The Guardian Angels remain optimistic that such a day will come. Sadly however, that day is not today. So as the need continues so does the GA; working to keep the streets safe and continuing to positively impact as many young people as possible. Safety Patrols deal with the daily reality of crime while the Youth Programs act as community outreach to prevent crime long before it happens. The Future we look towards can be the incredible place we all want, but only if we are all willing to do whatever we can, whenever we can, and wherever we can.

Only by joining together and helping eachother can people live safely and peacefully. Join us.

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